Gerard Roberts-Meier
Maths, Statistics, and 11+/13+ Tutor

I have achieved top grades and could help you do the same

Gerard Roberts-Meier

Dips Math, Stat, Econ

About Me


I am a qualified maths teacher and active examiner,
who has practised what I preach.
In my youth, top grades in maths and science A-Levels were followed by a 1st from Imperial College. I'm now achieving top grades in current A Level maths exams.

I have always loved the challenge of tests and joined Mensa and the ISPE accordingly. As such, I see admissions tests as enjoyable challenges rather sources of stress.
I could help you see your entrance exams in the same light.

I also love poetry and am confident in my literacy skills.

Finally, I love chess, and can teach the internationally recognised Steps Method to get children started on a firm foundation.

Academic Qualifications:

My Strategy

My strategy is to work closely to the specifications of the exam boards,
using material they have approved,
and ensure plenty of practice with past questions.

I don't try to apply a one-size-fits-all model,
but recognise each tutee as an individual;
adapting my pace and style to suit.

Working for You

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(UK) 0779-5345383      
6 Pinelands Close, St. John's Park, Blackheath, London SE3 7TF, United Kingdom

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